Up To Their Thick Necks In Gravy (Train)

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Paddy Lynch’s illustration of Phil Hogan.


The Irish media helped force the Local Property Tax down the throats of the population, disseminating the lies and mocking the nationwide protests. The money will go back to your local council they said.

In July 2013 we learned that the money was going towards bailout debt. Noonan denied it. Merrion St., the official online mouthpiece of the oaf and his apparatchiks, told us that this nonsense about funds going elsewhere was to be ignored. From January 2014, he said, we’ll stick the LPT money into the Local Government Fund, he said, 80% of money collected in each area will go back to that area, he said.

At Dublin County Council’s budget meeting this week the truth was outed on political nerdists’ livestreams. Not a red cent was coming back from the LPT. Tens of millions disappeared from Dublin’s budget. The same across the country. Where are these millions going this time? Noonan & Hogan’s buddies’ gravy train, ‘Irish Water’.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.06.28

The Official lies from just a few months ago

Today Noonan has admitted that €490m meant for local services is to be diverted into Irish Water. Irish Water – remember we used to own our water? – has hit the headlines with ‘consultancy’ fees of €50m, basically money for the lads from the golf club. It’s expected to hit setup costs of at least €180m. €5.7m was spent on meetings between County Managers – that’s some expensive biscuits right there.

The whole thing is a massive con and everyone knows there’s a media magnate that cannot be named like a massive elephant at the head of the table directing the show.

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  1. Out of interest, what exactly has the media magnate got to do with it?

  2. Nice assessment of Slippy Micky in this week’s The Phoenix Magazine …Hogan…sure a little Water Boarding never hurt anyone….slurry surfers all.

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