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It’s been  hell of a week for Panti Bliss.

To top off all the nonsense she has received 4 solicitors’ letters from Breda O’Brien, David Quinn, Patricia Casey, and John Murray, (all of the Iona Institute) subsequent to her comments on RTÉ’s Saturday Night Show. Notably nothing from John Waters.

We’re going to show Panti a bit of solidarity and drop in tomorrow for a drink or two, we suggest you guys all do that too. Virtual hugs are great but there’s nothing like a bit of real life solidarity to keep yer pecker up.


Panti Bar is a block back from the Liffey on Capel St, open from around 5pm and pints start from €3.50 – go on!



  1. great idea…what exactly was said about the iona institute?all the articles ive read generally refer to “what was said” but id like to hear it!

  2. Can anyone give me the link to the program that gave rise to all the “controversy” Nothing like seeing for ones self a5 first hand.

  3. Seán, rabid fanatics can never be “cured”, and that is particularly true for religious fanatics.

  4. Thanks Anna Mac. It all seems fairly innocuous to me. If all the persons named have previously commented publicly on the topic from their own perspective then surely Rory has the right to do exactly the same

  5. Quinn has a history of trying to sue people though hasn’t he threatened a few university papers too over being called a bigot.

  6. That’s an excellent, well balanced piece Fred; thanks for posting it. If any successful prosecution arises from this, the whole legal system in Ireland will show itself to be an ass.

  7. I saw this fool on Brendan O’Connor Show and if it was funny I would say it was funny but it was just downright crap, I wanted to laugh and would have laughed but its just not funny, it’s just rubbish.
    His furious face afterwards laying down the law about Watters etc just confirmed to me that the man is raving

  8. Is he any more raving than those who “lay down the law” about gay rights, gay priests, women priests or gay marriage, when those matters are none of their fu*king business?

  9. oh for goodness sake- thanks for the transcript- (did not see the interview-) just shows the storm in a very small teacup mentality. As usual just the lawyers will gain!

  10. People who are more interested in others beds and sexuality need to take a look at their own!

  11. I don’t agree Enda, he didn’t look like he was raving to me. He was stating his opinion as he is entitled to. No-one has the right to judge someone because of their sexuality and tell them that’s it wrong. It’s 2014, we should all live and let live. Life is hard enough without people judging others and telling them how to live their lives!

  12. Jenny, that Guy’s head was purple with rage, veins bulging, eyes spinning, a person can say what ever they please about anything they like but please don’t try to tell me he wasn’t about flip out.
    Anyway he can talk all he likes about Gay marriage etc etc, nothing gets away from the fact that he’s just not funny, maybe if he learned a few jokes….

  13. I think you are being a bit dramatic there Enda. A person being angry does not make them raving. And he wasn’t trying to be funny. He was discussing a very serious. Maybe you missed that point!

  14. Jenny it has been pointed out to me on another tread that he wasn’t actually supposed to be funny,not a Dame Edna, just a man dressed up as a woman for no explainable reason, no particular jokes or laughs, to that end I’d say he’s a success and if you like watching and he likes dressing,well then it’s a win win for you both.

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