The Desolation of Smog

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Smog in Beijing is so bad they’ve taken to showing sunset on giant screens. Be grand. What climate change?

This appeared in the Daily Heil so it could be complete bullshit.

UPDATE: 21/01/2014 – yep it’s bullshit, like most of the Daily Heil stories. Read about it here


  1. God that is sad what have we done to Mother Earth that we can’t even see her brightest star.

  2. Off topic: I hope the sub-ed who came up with that headline got a rousing round of applause. Possibly a small prize.

  3. This is where all the cheap goods for “green Europe” come from

  4. there’s always the silos…

    “The outside world can only be seen through a blurry image projected onto a wall, “lifeless hills … a familiar rotting skyline … ancient glass and steel”. The filth of the atmosphere gradually coats the cameras capturing the view, and the silo’s capital punishment is “cleaning”: the criminal is sent outside to polish the lenses before being overcome by poisonous gases.”

  5. the same goes for that ‘kim jong-uncle eaten by dogs’ story too – we all did the equivalent of believing an Onion story

  6. I thought Time and the Huffington Post were good sources Dave, I’m not alone here. Shall I project an apology on some building in Sligo?

  7. It’s all spoof. Everything on the hinternet is made up. Swear

  8. In fairness, that’s what happens when you quote the Daily Bowel Movement. Utter, utter s*utter!

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