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You might have noticed the growing number of painted shutters around the capital, many the work of Evolve Urban Art’s growing roster of artists. Killian Redmond sat down with Evolve’s Ene Keenan for a bit of a chat.

Evolve Urban Art has been running since January 2013. What made you set it up?

It’s a simple idea. Connect people with artists, leading to positive art in a lot of places. Working with artists, people, businesses and the community. It’s art for anything, anywhere. It continues to grow and evolve.

Would you see it as a way of getting a bit more colour onto the streets or are there other aims?

On a basic level it’s more colour, it’s also changing our city for the better, adding a different dynamic in the urban environment.

There’s a good few shop shutters and the likes painted as part of the Evolve project. How much interaction occurs between shop owners and artists?

Different situations mean different interactions and exchanges. So far, Evolve have done many commissions, free walls, artist jams, community regeneration projects (Thomas St), workshops. All have their own dynamic.

How’s the reaction been to the pieces?

We’ve had a great reaction, it’s grown hugely since the beginning of the year. We’ve had over 80 pieces painted through all our activities and we’re proud of the results

Is there a focus on up-and-coming or more established artists? Do you see the project filling a void in terms of giving up-and-coming artists a chance to work in the public and build a portfolio of work? Or is it just about having a laugh?

Evolve is open: we work with artists from Dublin and around the country. There’s no barrier to participating. Everyone finds their level. We have a nice mix of established and up-and-coming artists with a lot of different backgrounds.


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