#SpareChange: The World Is My Country.

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A new poster series sets out to celebrate people’s resistance to the First World War.

Conservative nincompoop and education secretary Micheal Gove created a right old hoo-ha, across the pond recently when he blamed the comedy genius of Blackadder for creating the myth of lions led to their death by donkeys.

We can expect plenty more such bollox around WW1 as the British elite lays down the groundwork for a four year long jingoist wankathon, that would put even the most energetic of 14 year old public school boys to shame.

Those old workhorses of the UK peace movement,  Peacenews, have intervened with a poster collection designed by Emily Johns. It cuts across the pomp  to dig up the memory of forgotten opposition to the war. Historian Adam Hochschild, who foregrounds the anti-war movement in his work, is helping out and among the stories they look at is a secret soldiers’ pact to shoot to injure rather than to kill; networks of refugee war resisters, feminist peace initiatives and clandestine printing presses.

Right up our street then. We’re absolute fiends for print in rabble land and will be rooting down the back of the office  armchair for lose change to feck at it. While they’ve reached their target, losing an important grant means they need all they can get to complete the project.

Find out more over at Kickstarter.





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