26 Minutes To Die

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Fr. Lawrence Hummer gives a last mass in Ohio’s Chillicothe Correctional Institution before accompanying Dennis McGuire to his torture and experimental execution.

I came out of that room feeling that I had witnessed something ghastly. I was relieved to be out in the fresh air. There is no question in my mind that Dennis McGuire suffered greatly over many minutes. I’d been told that a “normal” execution lasted five minutes – this experimental two-drug concoction had taken 26 minutes. I consider that inhumane.

His family had been exposed to something horrendous. They cried and sobbed, held each other, held onto my hand, and at times turned away to hug each other so they didn’t have to watch. And then there’s the family of Joy Stewart, who I think were sitting next to us on the other side of a wall. I pray for them because I know they too have been through hell and back. My heart goes out to them, but I don’t see how his death will bring them peace. All it means is that they witnessed somebody else die.

Full account including video interview with Dennis McGuire’s son here (via The Guardian)



  2. What he was convicted of doing was wrong . I don’t see how his wrong gives anyone else the right to inflict that kind of suffering

  3. Who cares ? He raped and killed a pregnant women no ?!

  4. This is disgusting… i don’t believe in the death penalty anyway, having to live without freedom for the rest of your life should be punishment enough but killing someone with this level of callousness only cheapens justice. Two equally evil wrongs really don’t make a right.

  5. Definetly not long enough, 28 mins for him, but for the family of the pregnant girl he murdered it’s every day for the rest of their lives! maybe he should have thought of the consequences when he was on top of her ripping her clothes off,,,, and there are still people standing up for his rights!!!! Shame on these people!!!

  6. He raped and murdered a 22 year old pregnant girl. He should of been made eat his own Dick and balls vermin.

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