Google Autocompletes Irish Towns

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Have a little fun with Google autocomplete.

What do algorithms say about your dirty old town?

(hat tip to UsVsTh3m for the idea)


  1. Apparently Sligo’s a dump too, but Connemara is a savage beauty!

  2. mayo is my fave, but i dont think google really gets it tbh

  3. Cork is the real capital of Ireland You didn’t need to type the “a” at all Seamus MacIonnrachtaigh

  4. Dublin and Cork are the only places you could call a city by world standards.

  5. No results for Tipperary as such, but the second suggestion is ‘is tipperary part of the uk’.

  6. Top 3 results i get for Belfast;

    Belfast is in which country
    Belfast is it safe
    Belfast is born again

    Confusion over national boundaries, concerns over safety and evangelical christianity- that’ll be us!

  7. Ssh don’t mention carlow! Bad enough we have to mumble the name!! Lol

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