#rabbleComics: Deep Dark Fear

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You may like this tumblr. It’s totally ronseal (it does what it says on the tin), all those Deep Dark Fears that keep you sweating at 4am.

See loads more at Deep Dark Fears



  1. I feel I slip and smash my teeth and my mouth will fill with blood and I’ll drown. Minds need to b controlled, imaginings reined in

  2. It’s not all imagination anyway… i completely forgot what had happened to me. Long time ago, some stranger poked my eyes at the bus stop all of a sudden and i thought i was getting blind. I slipped on the icy hilly road and whenever i tried to get up i kept slipping on the icy ground.. all i could find was rugged stone wall instead of wrought iron fence. i still have a little bit of scar on my hand…

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