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'Goldfinger' - Nischal, Thatcher's slumlord pal

‘Goldfinger’ – Nischal, Thatcher’s slumlord pal


‘Margaret Thatcher’s pal Nischal is known as Goldfinger and rakes in thousands from families living on the breadline renting out damp homes with faulty heating’ writes today’s Mirror.

The squalid rented four-bedroom home on TV’s controversial ­Benefits Street is so riddled with damp that water runs down the walls.

There is no heating because the boiler has long been broken – and the tenant’s children are so frozen at night they sleep with their clothes on.

But the biggest disgrace about the house in James Turner Street is the landlord who owns it – a millionaire Tory and one time friend of Margaret Thatcher who makes a fortune raking in housing benefits.


The real scroungers make the laws. The Tories dismantled public housing in the UK, forced the masses to rent and then either by government subsidy or directly from the tenants reaped the rewards. Thanks to Channel 4 and a compliant media it’s easy to target the victims while covering up the real scroungers on benefits.

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  1. Typical of the likes of the Mirror and Channell 4 to focus on the people there whilst drumming up hate amongst their masses of readers rather than focusing on the real problems at hand.
    Vermin is bloody right.

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