#outBeyond: Goddamn Louisiana

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David Pakman examines some of the ‘facts’ taught in Louisiana schools under the state-approved ‘Voucher School’ system. Illuminating and depressing. Bible-based curriculum.

At least 19 participating schools, carry textbooks that include facts such as:

  • Dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.
  • Dragons probably existed
  • The KKK wasn’t a bad organisation
  • The Supreme Court enslaves fetuses

(Pakman’s show is a regular insight from the US that’s worth a follow, here)



  1. I’m Made So great-full every day that I no longer live in the US. Really.

  2. Tut tut…sure everyone knows the dinosaurs spanned the Flintstonian Age named after the uncle Fred..from 1960-66…

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