Non Drinkers Die Younger

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newly released study shows that regular drinkers are less likely to die prematurely than people who have never indulged in alcohol.

… it found that mortality rates were highest for those who had never had a sip, lower for heavy drinkers, and lowest for moderate drinkers who enjoyed one to three drinks per day.

Of the 1,824 study participants, only 41 percent of the moderate drinkers died prematurely compared to a whopping 69 percent of the nondrinkers. Meanwhile, the heavy drinkers fared better than those who abstained, with a 60 percent mortality rate. Despite the increased risks for cirrhosis and several types of cancer, not to mention dependency, accidents, and poor judgment associated with heavy drinking, those who imbibe are less likely to die than people who stay dry.

You can prove anything with facts.

(via Business Insider).



  1. You should always be wary of studies that deal with a lucrative topic. The alcohol industry has a monopoly on legal vices and it does a lot to maintain its position. That said, it makes sense that indulging in alcohol and other drugs in moderation could lengthen life perhaps by reducing stress and circulating cortisol (one of many possible explanations). Though high alcohol intake can indirectly increase cortisol levels by disrupting circadian rhythm. Its an extremely complex situation. I’d say there are better drugs that would have the same effect without the negative effects that come with alcohol

  2. ha sur i drink nerley evy nigh d weak. i wol live 4ev i gues. i hav rele big arms 4rum al d drinkin

  3. I find it mildly interestying that Bradford Wylie, 87% owner of the site that houses that report, and 87% owner of the wylie publishing empire ( around 50 bucks on the Nasdaq) is a former wine maker, and interested in wine for a long time ( being a viticulturalist) Not incriminating by any means, but still

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