#soapbox: Norris Tears Into Iona

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A typical firebrand speech from Senator Norris as he calls for an investigation into the Iona Institute from the floor of the Seanad.


I listened to colleagues on these benches putting down motions that were effectively Apartheid. Had I been a Roman Catholic, a black person or a Jew and anything was attempted remotely like that the person would have been fired out of this house straight away.

Would you like to imagine cathaoirleach, and my colleagues, how it felt like for me to sit here and hear valued colleagues suggesting that I should not be allowed purchase cake decorations or wedding invitations or this sort of business. That I should be denied the service of a hairdresser as if I needed it. But I just think that people should take this seriously, this country is rampant with homophobia, it’s throughout the media and there are decent people in the media who are terrified to open their mouths.

And I hear all the time about the liberal conspiracy, the Dublin [4], the media and this that and the other – Where the hell are they? Where were they when I was being crucified? Where were they when Panti, a remarkable man comes out and tells the truth? And tells the truth!

So I would like to know..this might have the opportunity of turns the spotlight on the Iona Institute [inaudible] and I’m asking the Leader today as I’ve asked his deputy but I didn’t get very far…and I must say this, Minister Rabbitte just equivocated. The usual oul blather, one side of his mouth and then the other side of his mouth.

I want to ask the leader another question. I want to ask him will he instigate some degree of research into the Iona Institute? Where they’re getting their money from. Why the don’t co-operate with SIPO? Who made them an ‘Institute’? In Britain they would be legally prohibited from using the word ‘Institute’ because they’re self-appointed.

We’re over time (responds to call from chair)…I said on Sunday the homophobes have had 2,000 years on the stage and I think we’re entitled to a few words now and again.

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  1. Timeless Norris – he’s looking hale and hearty for someone with a recent cancer diagnosis. May that continue indefinitely, he’s still needed. I liked his reminder that Joyce exiled himself because of this very kind of censorship.

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