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Human Rights Watch has released an online video documenting the normalisation of violence against LGBT people in Russia.

Russians are living with new laws that criminalise the ‘propagandising’ of homosexuality. According to Human Rights Watch there is  a deteriorating situation of widespread and concerted abuse against LGBT people and activists. They report that the authorities’ failure to act and some officials’ homophobic comments expose LGBT people to further harassment and violence and embolden the attackers.

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  1. Knowing what’s going on in Russia and seeing it are two different things. I was furious before I saw this video and after watching it and being in tears I’m now even more angry that people that full of hatred exist

  2. My god! Russian homophobes have terrible dress sense.

  3. The guy forced to rape himself with a bottle just absolutely shattered my heart 🙁

  4. I will not watching Winter Olympics and what is going to happen when this racist country host’s the World Cup our country was robbed of the event . How can Russia even be allowed to host such events when they are so closed minded about the world today

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