#rabbleReels: The Untold Truths

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Here’s a trailer for ‘La Violencia’ – an upcoming feature length documentary that looks at the history of violence against women in the Guatemala, particularly the plight of indigenous Mayan women.

Despite a 36-year armed conflict having come to a close (with the loss of 200,000 lives), it remains one of the most dangerous countries on the planet for females, with 771 women losing their lives in 2013 alone due to domestic violence and extrajudicial killing.

The term ‘La Violencia’ stems from the most brutal period of Guatemala’s armed conflict, during which time General Jose Rios Montt ruled the country. He currently stands trial in Guatemala, a landmark case of a country bringing a former leader to trial for genocide in a domestic court. Although the outcome of this trial remains far from certain, many women still fight for justice, including the those who share their stories in this film.

‘La Violencia’ is produced by Irish media company Bold Puppy and should be out by spring 2014.

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