A Letter To Panti Bliss

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A letter from a 12yr old girl to Panti Bliss

Posted by her mother, Maria, on twitter here.



That’s in response to the Noble Call given by Panti Bliss at the Abbey Theatre:


  1. Sounds more like mammy talking! Maybe she should tell poor Niamh the truth-that this debate has nothing to do with not liking gay people.

    1. Are you the same Maria Conroy Byrne who is sister-in-law to Breda O’Brien of the self-styled Iona Institute?

      A bit rich for you to be accusing people of Mammy talking.

  2. My 11 year old was recently verbally attacked by her classmates under the premise ‘you are Catholic, you hate gay people, we’re telling everyone!!’
    Since we have been staggering her sex-education to an age appropriate level she had no idea that she or her parents hate anyone (we don’t). She was horrified by this group bullying and when I mentioned it to her teacher he said that in a recent teacher’s seminar it came up that intolerance if Christian beliefs by other children is becoming more and more prevalent. We have had to teach her and our 9 yo son how to back out of conversations such as this because we don’t feel they are yet equipped to argue the intricacies of their faith among people who brand them as haters. No doubt their day will come when Twitter et al unleashes on them. What sort of parents encourage their children in this sort of bandwagon rubbish!! Incidentally, the Instagram minimum age is 13.

  3. Jaysus lads it seems to me you will link or publish anything once it aligns with your sensibilities!

  4. Catholic ideology does not identify Gay people as inferior, nor does it suggest they are any more likely to burn in hell then greedy, lazy, proud people who refuse to ask for forgiveness, the sin of homosexuality has been blown out of all proportion by the Gay lobby not the Catholics, in terms of sin it doesn’t really rate, the Church merely suggested it was an inclination best not practiced for the benefit of the person inclined towards it, it more or less takes the same view on getting drunk !!

  5. A further point Shane Boyle-Simms it is also against Catholic ideology to speculate over who or who doesn’t go to hell, the only thing that they are happy to point out are the various people they believe conclusively have gone to heaven,i.e the saints, some of the low churches seem to be happy to decide who is going to hell, may be you should review the exact details before you attribute blame to any particular church

  6. No pope has ever called a Gay person an abomination, undoubtedly your attempts to introduce Gay marriage are an attack on the structure of ordinary marriage and society, this is not an exclusively Catholic position but it is a rational position which even many homosexual agree with,this is not discrimination, it’s just a fact of life, some people are different and choose to lead different lives, that has been the way it has always been

  7. I think you misread who the bullying was aimed at, my child was labeled with and bullied because of a hatred she is completely innocent of.

    As regards your presumption that I or my children think of anyone as inferior…the only person I consider as inferior is myself…so far inferior to all I could be. Please don’t project your small minded prejudices onto me. I treat all people as people and don’t box them into political/ideological boxes. Jesus looked at the crowd and felt sorry for them. Who am I to do otherwise?

    As regards to raising a child Catholic…I’m sorry, I don’t wait till my children are 18 to let them decide whether to eat healthily, avoid alcohol/drugs, whether to exercise or limit tv, Internet and so forth. When they are adults they can choose to abandon or continue all these things according to how they see best. I will point my children toward the gold standard. How can one choose or reject what one doesn’t know.

    I expect & prepare them for the probable bullying they will encounter for their catholic beliefs in our open and tolerant culture such as has been displayed on Twitter this last two weeks.

    Finally, it is glaringly obvious that an adult wrote or dictated this piece. I doubt anybody is fooled by it.

  8. This idea that we are guilty of unconscious attitudes and behaviour is the greatest piece of nonsense I have ever heard. You either think something or you don’t. Don’t try to tell people they unconsciously hate people they don’t…utter rubbish!!! Having a different viewpoint as to the nature and ends of marriage DOES NOT mean you hate or fear the people who have a different view. It seems to be the other way around as far as I can see. Dip into Twitter if you need evidence.

  9. Well, what can I say to that? Such a comment speaks for itself.

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