Look Back In Anger

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Senator Eoghan Harris (appointed by Bertie Ahern) continues to write for the Sunday Indo. It’s almost as though we get the journalists we vote for.

We’re revisiting the recent past in the next few weeks with similar vid clips that have slipped from our collective consciousness.

Lest They Be Forgotten.

Ursula Hannigan: But is it ok for politicians to take money from businessmen?

Eoghan Harris: But where’s the corruption? ….(later) Why would he be just interested in twenty thousand pounds or ten thousand pounds from his friends when he could make millions fiddling on the stock exchange as Minister for Finance?

Hannigan: But human nature, wouldn’t all of us be compromised if we were taking money from somebody..

Harris: I’m going to stop this..we’ve used up all our time here. I’m stopping this Ursula.


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