#rabbleReels: The People’s Internet

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We came across a website that stoked our wildest William Gibson-esque fantasies a few weeks ago.

It looks exactly like something stumbled upon by Mulder and Scully when hanging out with those three nerd dudes that frequented some of the more paranoid episodes.

Way back when the internet was still something you’d only see on yanky TV, there was a movement of people to set up their own social networks or discussion platforms. They called it BBS. The Shadow Wolf website is something of a celebration of that older net culture and preaches for a balls to the wall liberation of our online universe.

CYBERSPACE is not facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or your google+ prison which scans every fart you make to sell you more useless stuff you don’t need for your consumer selfie “look at me I am so happy” lifestyle.

A perfect compliment to the site is this documentary series about the rise of BBS. Okay, so the mutant green of Shadow Wolf might be hard to read and dudes getting turned on, by the crackle and pop of dial up, sounds as exciting as watching paint dry.  But put it this way- what the hell did you do with your Commodore 64? Draw Xmas trees with the keyboard?

Read the full zine over here and enjoy the doc.


  1. I think i saved my name about 3 times and filled its memory. It never worked again

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