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pic via Twitter and Frances Black

pic via Twitter and Frances Black

Thousands took to the streets of Dublin on Saturday to demand better treatment of Irish-language speakers and Gaeltacht communities by Government.

We had a message from a rabbler ‘Billy’  who was in Dublin today for the rally:

The main thing is that we weren’t marching for more funding, or special treatment, or grants or anything like that. Just that we be provided services in Irish in the Gaeltacht, instead of being constantly forced to use English because the government don’t give a damn enough to post the civil servants that already have Irish there. It’s just a rights issue, and it’s very serious for our way of life.

Julian de Spáinn, Conradh na Gaeilge general secretary, addressed the crowd of up to 10,000:

We will continue to campaign our public representatives until we achieve fairness and equality for the Irish-speaking and Gaeltacht communities throughout the island of Ireland.

For more read the Irish Times report here.



  1. Wasn’t 10,000 there. Closer to 4,000 but still a good turn out

  2. Ta bron orm nach raibh me ann inne ach bhi mo Cailin og fos sa hospideal le tinneas bolg. Ta si abhaile anois .slan tamail.

  3. I dont disagree that actual ethnically gaelic communities are marginalised Brendan . Id say the national identity preys on them and creates the false image that it is gaelic and can define it.

    National identity caused a decline in gaelic culture the same as it did scots n traveller culture. And will inevitably kill them the way it did yola and fingallian unless people demand their right to exist within the state

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