Sewer Blocked By Large Pooh

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Scottish Water has launched their new campaign after it said it dealt with more than 40,000 blockages in the drains and sewer network.

Most of these blockages were caused by cooking oil, nappies and baby wipes being put in sinks and toilets. But there’s more… Some of the objects found in Scottish Water sewers: 

1) An outboard motor for a boat

2) A fully functioning clothes iron

3) A scaffolding pole

4) A football

5) Toy soldiers (used to be mounted on the wall at the waste water treatment works in Dumfries)

6) Deckchair

7) 2×4 timber

8) A dead sheep

9) A mattress

10) Hand truck /parcel trolley

11) False teeth

12) Golf balls

13) Lighters

14) Watches

15) A railway sleeper

16) Mobile phones

17) A frog was found inside the pump right next to the propeller – how he got in there is a mystery

18) A live badger was found in a pumping station well at Drongan

19) Traffic cone – Moodiesburn

20) Timber – Moodiesburn

21) A dead, fully grown, cow, found in the storm tanks at Gatehead. Turns out a cover had been removed from a manhole in a field and the cow had fallen in. Thanks to the tag on the cow’s ear the farmer was traced

22) A pair of trousers recently turned up at Kirkcaldy waste water treatment works

23) A live otter from the aereation ditch at Dornoch wwtw

24) A live salmon at Seafield WWTW

25) A tractor tyre

26) An Action Man figure, who still had his boots on

27) An orange

via London Independent here.

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