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Angela Kerins of REHAB going head to head with Mary Lou in the Public Accounts Committee.

Somebody stop her! At least take that shovel away before she digs a hole all the way to Oz.


  1. There is a sector of Irish society that happily use their positions the feather their own bank accounts. It is like they have not noticed we own this country now and their excessive grabbing only takes resources from other Irishmen

  2. Cake Sales and Fun Runs. In 2013 there was €360k fundraised…that’s almost enough to pay some of the board’s salary…almost. They don’t even know their staff numbers, it’s really car crash stuff.

  3. I presume we can find all of these videos online? I’m sure there’s got to be some stinky stuff lurking in those videos…

  4. these ongoing committee proceedings are getting a bit much to swallow. Cant we just stop giving any public monies away to any third party groups, charitable or not, until they restructure as per our say so. if they dont agree….none of our money!!!!

  5. she cant be getting paid that much if she’s having a toddler cut her hair with a plastic scissors

  6. “they tried to make me go to rehab” and I said yes, if they ar paying that kinda salary and bonus!!! 🙂

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