A Bridge Too Far

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Shannon Bridge (Photo © Wally Cassidy)

Shannon Bridge (Photo © Wally Cassidy)

The Shannon Bridge in Limerick is to be renamed the JFK Bridge following a controversial vote by Limerick City Council. A new petition is looking for it to be renamed after a local man.

The renaming attracted just 51 signatures of support from constituents of the sometimes Independent sometimes Fine Gael councillor Pat Kennedy.

In contrast, following a campaign that attracted over 10,000 supporting signatures and great local support, the new LUAS bridge over the Liffey was named Rosie Hackett Bridge by Dublin City Council. The success of the popular support and an open democratic vote in council was called a conspiracy of the Left by the Irish Independent (here).

Pat likes to believe he’s related to the Kennedy’s, his head is about the same size as Ted’s and he claims to have met them several times.

Cllr Kennedy is no stranger to controversy. In 2011 he repaid travel expenses of €1,700 paid for visiting 5 conferences in his car when it was discovered his Merc was actually off the road. Similarly it emerged he had also repaid €2,600 in claims from other public bodies. Furthermore he moved to rejoin Fine Gael within a fortnight of winning election as an independent having previously split from the party in 2002.

In 2007 Mr. Kennedy also found his claims being investigated following a council-funded trip for him and three other councillors to an event in Tralee. However it became clear that something was amiss when not alone was the conference organised by TJK Conferences Ltd – of which Cllr Kennedy  was a director – but that he was the main speaker. Ah jaysus.

There’s a lad called Baron J. Kavanagh rounding up a petition in Limerick City to have the bridge re-renamed after him the BJK Bridge. He says the main difference between himself and JFK are that he was born, educated, works, lives and loves Limerick. Give him your support here we’re pretty sure the Irish Independent will after they call out the ‘conspiracy’ like they did in Dublin.


  1. There is also a petition on ipetitions to leave name as is. I would encourage people to sign this as it will be presented to council as part of campaign to reverse Tuesdays ridiculous vote.

  2. Baron Jimi Kavanagh will be the name of the bridge once
    the petition goes thru! :))

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