An Alternative St Paddy’s Day TV Binge

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rabble’s taking over Network Awesome for a roll-over Paddy’s Day bender of choice TV, lost documentaries, childhood hauntology and salvage from the landfill dumps of the bog stations of yore.

Network Awesome is an online channel that broadcasts content ranging from the arty farty to lost classics and curated Youtube compilations. It’s a bit like finding a box of your old teenage VHS cassettes up in the attic. The tracking might be gone haywire – but the content’s a banging combo of lost TV snippets, classic music acts and forgotten prime time fodder.

rabble’s been taking a trip down nostalgia road, where we banged our head and fell down a rabbit hole of childhood crap, documentaries to make you rage and a whole haystack full of other random needles. Some of the content will be suited to nursing your pounding Paddy’s Day hangover while other bits will be more po-faced and political.

On March 16th and March 17th, all you have to do is point your browsers to


  1. the lads wrestling naked in the broken glass and pulling each other’s mickies in front of a massive crowd of applauding onlookers on arthur’s day a few years ago, and “fatal deviation”, boyzone’s first appearance on RTE, the oireachtas social media committee hearings, panti’s noble call, footage of the gardaí being dicks at any of the various shell to sea protests, the gardai being dicks at reclaim the streets in 2002, the youtube videos of the creation parties up in donabate, that young wan from shankill who filmed herself dancing to dubstep back when that was an exciting thing to do, haughey’s speech about tightening our belts, corporate videos for bulgarian timeshow apartments….

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