We’ve Hit 10,000 Likes On Facepuke.

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Yowser, 10,000 likes – we’re fecking bigger than Bono’s ego. No wait, that’s nigh impossible.

Doling out lulz during the workplace lull has grown into a valuable dialogue with our readers. It’s helped shape the magazine, find contributors and get the thing distributed across the land with a viral rapidity.

Some of you reading this may be new. Take a run around the site and find out what we’re all about.  We’re far more than just sarcasm on Facebook. We have this half-cracked idea about building a reader supported media that works hard to tear away at the dominant narratives peddled out by our Gombeen leaders.

When this project started, we thought we were shouting into a vacuum – then you guys started chatting back.   As our audience grows, so does the workload associated with the project and the financial strains. It’s yer donations, loves and likes that keeps us a float. It means a lot to us, it really does.

For now, keep your ears peeled for how we hope to survive after our Fund:it dosh runs dry. We’ll be taking a cue or two from the Beano of yore and trying to build some sort of supporters club to go the long distance.  

Oh and while we have you, sign up to our mailing list. Facebook could go the way of Bebo yet.