#rabbleReels: Driven

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Phelim Drew burns with on-screen intensity in this short burst of film-making that lands blow after blow on Ireland’s corporate lackies.

Meet Thomas, a man in his mid-forties who shits bricks as each bill piles up high with nothing coming in and imminent eviction brewing.  Directed by Ian Thullier, this features a wonderful monologue about unregulated cowboys and a political class that twiddled their fingers while Ireland fell on its knees.

If you are looking for a Monday morning pick up, then this might be best avoided.

(H/T Mic Farrelly)



  1. A very accurate portrayal of how pissed off the people of Ireland are – its gives a much better insight into the society in which we reside than any census could! Hope Enda gives this a watch –

  2. It’s over the heads of those who should watch it

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