#ruckusAlert: Jaki Liebezeit

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Jaki Liebezeit’s shamanistic style of drumming for Krautrock cosmonauts Can introduced a metronomic focus previously unknown in rock music.

It sometimes bordered on ecstatic ritual and utterly transfixed you amidst the often rapturous carnage that was Can, where space batters time with it’s own shoe but secretly, time kind of enjoys it.

Can’s Michael Karoli had this to say of the dude:

“Jaki was always proud of being able to make certain people in the audience vomit. He could focus on one person in the crowd, and this person would start vomiting. We had a very medical approach to music”

Electronic innovator Burnt Friedman has a gloriously eclectic CV recording previously as Flanger, Nu Dub Players. Nine Horses (with David Sylvian) Drome & Nonplace Urban Field. His long-standing Secret Rhythms collaboration with Liebezeit has a touch of musical alchemy to it and contains some of the more immersive and hypnotic grooves you will hear anywhere ever.

Support is from Liebezeit’s drum laboratory Drums Off Chaos which pretty much guarantees a pre mind-boggling mind-boggling. Now that’s a spicy beatball. This is all happening on Friday 28th March in The Grand Social and tickets are a very fair €20.

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