#rabbleReels: Proposition 8

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Users of popular online dating website OKCupid on Firefox were greeted with links to several alternative web browsers yesterday. Why?

Well, it turns out Mozilla’s new CEO Brendan Eich, donated hard cash to overturn gay marriage in California back in 2008. He’s also coming under fire from his own employees.

It’s very easy for us to guffaw that homophobia is on the losing side of history, but all too often victories can face the threat of being rolled back when faced with determined conservative opposition. 8: The Mormon Proposition is a documentary film that started out looking at gay teenage homelessness in Utah but ended up taking on the shocking Mormon conspiracy to roll back the rights of gay couples in California.

It’s a documentary that’s well worth hunting down ahead of next year’s referendum, highlighting as it does the manipulative mechanisms of our enemies on the religious right. And isn’t Ireland just full of such twisted folk weighed down with US cash?

Let’s not rest too easy on our laurels. Probably a good time to start get plugging this gay old sing along too.




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