Welfare – ‘Totally Dubz’ Mix For Rabble

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Galway-based dj/producer/promoter/sound-fecker WELFARE has kindly given us this savage mix.

It’s free to stream and download from our rabble soundcloud page. Here’s what Welfare had to say about it…

“A dubplate is an acetate disc ,often used in mastering studios for quality control as well as for the purpose of publicly testing new music prior to full release. A dubplate special is an exclusive version of a track, recorded specifically for one artist or Sound System. Although other formats such as CD and digital have emerged for these recordings, the term “dubplate”, often abbreviated to “dub” is still commonly used to describe them.

Dubs or dubplates hail from a time long ago, far from the clutches of limitless torrenting, streaming and other web-related gushings. Originally forged for street Sound System dances in Jamaica, the “dub” in dubplate emanates from their use allowing Djs to spin newly (and often exlusively) produced “Dub” Reggae tracks (stripped down to their riddim) and toast over them. Nowadays they may not be cut as often to acetate and heaved from dance to dance but the relevance and buzz of testing out a fresh track on a hungry dancefloor lives on”.

Thankfully Welfare didn’t attempt any toasting but he did bring us a wicked mix of unreleased Dubplates from some producers expertly pushing electronic musical permutations at 80/160bpm – 85/170 bpm, including two dubs of his own. Stream / download HERE.

Catch more from Welfare over at: Mixcloud Soundcloud Facebook

– Mix Tracklist – No Cents – 5’7 Audio (dub) Coleco – Expanded (Inflect Dub) Chango! – GEARdUP (Dub) Welfare – Untitled (Dub) Fanu – Who Dat (Lightless Dub) CHVRCHES – Recover (Sam Binga Remix) (Dub) Fracture – Loving Touch (Exit Dub) Welfare – Highly Unstable (Dub) Moresounds – Altercations (Dub) MynameisjoHn feat GodKnows – Serious (Dub) DJ Pushups – Misanthrope (Fanu Remix) (Lightless Dub) Danny Scrilla – Bismuth (Rudimentary Dub) Boxcutter + Defcon – No name yet (Dub) Adam Elemental – Winter Warming (Dub)

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