Gerry And The Namechangers

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Gerry Gannon has council heritage officer’s approval to change Priory Street in Clonskeagh, south Dublin to Park Street. Priory Street sounds too close to ‘Priory Hall’ the evicted development that brought shame to Irish construction and government oversight. Gannon, well there’s no shame in that name it seems.

The Maple (Anglo) 10 developer, Gerry, owes us over €1bn although his lifestyle doesn’t seem to have been pinned back as much as you’d expect. He transferred a ‘portfolio’ of €12m worth of property to his wife in 09, and what with shopping in LIDL and cutting back on the hols he was able to splash out on a humble wedding for his daughter, just a few hundred close personal friends swamping champers in Dromoland Castle.

He was hilariously pictured by RTÉ in his trademark fedora weighed under by Brown Thomas shopping bags while he was bundling them into his Range Rover a couple of years ago. His 49% share of the K Club was sold to his partner Michael Smurfit for a piddling €40m, which was a bit of a kick in the arse no doubt. His wife’s luxury Merc was put up for sale following the Prime Time Investigates programme when the car’s reg plates appeared on TV.

Gerry’s on the road to recovery, considering he once bought €45m of Anglo shares after a twenty minute phone call it must be strange for him to be spending so much time invested in a property that may yield €35m if the south Dublin property bubble continues to expand.

As the proposal to change Priory Street to Park Street comes before the Council next week we ask, what’s in a name?

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