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 It’s been a whole hape of time since we had our last proper #rabbleRuckus – we’re talking back in the King 7 days in 2012. So, we’re hoping you’ll be joining us in this fundraising knees up down in Seomra Spraoi.

For those moments of peak dance floor enthusiasm we’ve drafted in two very special guests to go back to back on chief duties in the Seomra Spraoi kitchen with techno, acid and bangers being the menu for the night.

Kenny Hanlon (Gary’s Gang | Apartment Records.) Kenny Hanlon runs a label called Apartment Records dedicated to serving up fixes of the black crack as well as keeping tings lit over

Check out the sounds he represents and catch a recent guest set over on Sunil Sharpe’s radio show from earlier this month.

Platinum Ray (Bop Gun). Platnium Ray has been grooving dance floors with soul, disco, funk, electro, house and techno since the mid-1990’s. He’s dedicated to finding linkages between electronic genres rather than splintering them off to irrelevance. You might know him from such things as Frontend Synthetics, a bi-weekly Power Fm radio show and support slots at U:Mack gigs.

Pon rotation from early on we’ll have an irrepressible combo of rabble selectahs like Redmonk, Tommy Rash, Rashers Tierney and others bubbling the place up with god knows what.

Let’s celebrate the start of summer. We got tunes to play. You got dancing to do.

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