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Illustration by Mice. It featured on one of our front covers.

So it’s marching season once again. The Vigil 4 Life is taking place tomorrow at Merrion Square albeit with less hype than previous years. We thought we’d have a quick look at the support online and it’s surprisingly non-native!

The official Twitter account is @NatVigil4Life and has been quiet for almost a year. It cranked up again 9 days ago with a few tweets about free buses for the elderly they ship in to make a photo op but surprisingly little hoopla apart from that. They retweeted a few messages of support from single men and then they got really proactive… tweeting other accounts asking for retweets about the vigil.

‘So what?’ says you. Well the strange thing is that all their tweets which you would expect to be aimed at the eleventy million pro-lifers in Ireland were actually all aimed at these guys…

LifeActionNews – USA

AlvedaKing – Atlanta

ProLifeBlogs – New York

SBAList – Washington, D.C.

HumanLifeIntl – Virginia

Humanlife – Minneapolis

AbbyJohnson – Texas

Students4LifeHQ – Virginia

LilaGraceRose – Washington, D.C.

ProLifeNews – Washington, D.C.

Bound4Life – Washington, D.C.

ProLifeDay – Ohio

ProLifeYouth – Washington, D.C.

GiannaJessen – USA & Italy

MORighttoLife – Missouri

PAProLife – Harrisburg, PA

Abort73 – USA

StandTrue – Ohio

March_for_Life – Washington, D.C.

CharmaineYoest – USA

CampaignLife – Canada

LifeSite – Canada

Chris_1971 – Philadelphia, PA

ProLifePodcast – Fresno, CA

SecularProLife – USA

AliveGPN – USA

NCRTL – North Carolina

OnlineforLife – Texas

AmericanLifeLeague – Washington, D.C.

JillStaneck – Illinois

That’s the list of everyone they tweeted bar about 6 shout outs to Irish users who tweeted them. And we wonder where the money comes from?


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