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Paris Bakery Staff outside the 18 Moore St. address this morning

Paris Bakery Staff outside the 18 Moore St. address this morning. via meng_die

The French are Revolting.  As many as 20 staff of the Paris Bakery restaurant on 18 Moore St. are picketing the premises this morning over unpaid wages.

Reports from staff who arrived to work this morning at the historic address are that they found themselves locked out without notice. Some haven’t been paid since March, one worker claims to be owed €3,o00.

The Bakery’s premises is due to be bulldozed as part of the scheme to build a shopping mall and small museum over the historic spot where the Easter Rising saw it’s last days and hours. The Bakery had been on notice that their lease would expire next month but it was expected the company, whose director is Yannick Forel, would find alternative lodgings.

Unfortunately, Dublin regularly sees this MO in the hospitality industry when businesses close or go ‘bankrupt’ overnight leaving vulnerable staff without owed wages while the company directors rename the restaurant and open again without punishment.


  1. after all the public support this company got makes this treatment of their staff all the more despicable. (nice headline rabble)

  2. Why exactly do people let their employer owe them months of pay?
    It seems like you are always setting yourself up for a fall!

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