Have Yiz Any Predictions For The Exams?

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Is this some weird attempt at uniquely Irish humour or some dude punting for a job in the Institute on Leeson St?

Have you made total hames of the school year? In dire need of some directed cramming?

Then I’m not sure if this guy will be much help to you.  We woke up in a bed of sweat this morning with the head rambling through lines of romantic poetry.

Which can only mean one thing, it’s that time folks, the Irish exam murder machine is in full swing.

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  1. The educational authorities start compiling the exams in Oct/Nov of the previous year, so I am told. So students need to take note of the kind of issues that pop up around that time as they often show up in essay titles which candidates face in the following year’s exams. Seamus Heaney died in September of last year. Shortly afterwards the exams were being prepared. A Heaney question was a certainty in this year’s papers.

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