#ruckusAlert: DabbledooMusic Fundraiser

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Dabbledoo June 6 Fundraiser Poster copy

Dabbledoo Fest WEB


DabbledooMusic is a multimedia project that aims to transform the way music is taught to young people.

It uses colour-coded video pieces that kids can play along with, regardless of their level of skill, and teaches them the basics of rhythm, melody, composition and performance . This video explains it all.

The lads behind the project have been slaving away at building a new website of late, and need an extra cash injection to finish the job. So, they decided to put on a line-up tonight in the Twisted Pepper that looks more like a bleedin’ festival.

Ireland’s finest 90s jam band Attention Bébé? New Orleans brass stylee from the Booka Brass Band? Techno don Fran Hartnett? Dancefloor destroyer Ed Devane?

That’s an INSANE amount of choonage for a night (it’s well over 30 players…)!

PLUS, !Kaboogie’s finest will be holding it down in the bar with record bags so deep it makes little Timmy look like he’s only fallen off his chair.

They’ve even gone to the bother of making a completely pointless festival-style map for ye to print out in case the weather’s sunny.

There’s a limited few advance tickets available for a tenner here for else €15 on the door.


  1. Ed Devane’s mantua set from few years back was brilliant, still listen to it, had some lady singing mad shit along with a lot of mental sounding beats, great stuff!

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