Where Are They Now?

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Spotted on someone’s gaff wall. A great poster that nails how are lives are being fed to the banking behemoth.

Apologies for the shit phone shot. No one in the rabble bunker was able to recall properly the existence of a paper called The Irish Gutter Press.

A certain Andrew Edgar stepped forward and described it as follows:

Short -lived (?) “comedy/satire” rag, based outta somewhere in Munsterland, iirc, and sold I think by itinerant sellers, who were often writers/contributors, rather than stocked on newsagents shelves. Quality of content was wildly variable and tending towards unengaging school-magazine amateurish awfulness. Though I only ever saw a couple of issues, that pullout poster was the best thing I ever saw in it.

There was a bit of a Cork vibe off it and we found this video with Brian Wall, described as the evil genius behind the project giving an explanation of the thing.

Does anyone know how these bredren in print are faring now?

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