How They Got Away With It.

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Eoin Butler breaks his Twitter silence with this enlightening tale of pedophilia in his home town.

This is a deeply disturbing story of how every eight year old knew, yet the adults did little to deal with it.  Many  from his generation might have similar accounts. If you do, please share em.

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  1. the very same where i grew up. by the age of six or seven… regarding peado teachers at my national school. most of the kids from the town got wind of these guys, but it was the quiet kids from farms etc who seem to have been singled out. 4 of them have done time since. 2 or 3 year sentences only. all from 1 kids school..

  2. Yup. Grew up in same town as Eoin so know exactly what he means. In hindsight it was bizarre that no one was pro active about the two men he mentioned. Echos of that Irish mentality to not cause a scene perhaps.

  3. The nuns knew and couldn’t do anything (or wouldn’t due to the Irishness of sweeping things under the carpet). Greaney was ‘untouchable’. Used to ‘visit’ the classrooms unannounced.

  4. I was one of a class of second years who complained of our woodwork teacher molesting us during class, we reported it to our religious teacher a nun, it was the early eighties. She did not believe us as he was a married man with children, we finally had a meeting with Principal, class tutor and said nun, we all reported what had been done. Nothing was done other than him getting a warning, he was quiet for a few weeks and started again, I actually had to hit him to get him to stop. This ended up with me being suspended a few times, all we could do was warn the younger kids not to get caught alone with him. They blamed our class on being trouble makers.

  5. yes I remember the exact same situation with a baker in Westport all the children would go together to get the bread and then he would try like an octopus to grab one of us…it was really horrible this groping I wanted to tell my granny but cousins and other children went hysterical saying you were not allowed to say those sort of things to adults always confused me….

  6. There’s a town I know of in the middle of the country where there’s men who have children with tier children and drink in the same pub as everyone else and no one bats an eyelid . Seriously, this country is as fucked up as it gets, and we have barely rocked the boat on exactly how bad it is

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