Meanwhile In Palestine…

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A still from a photo essay by Anne Paq on subcultures in Gaza which appeared in Paris Match.

The collection is called Not A Dreamland and it traces how artists survive and eek out an existence in between the cracks of the occupation.

Dina Matar, a member of the artist collective Iltiqua told her:

“There was an exhibition in Jordan, but I could not send my works. In Gaza, finding material is complicated. I made a competitions and a time I had to buy a shroud for the dead to be able to paint it. My dream is to become a famous artist, in Gaza and elsewhere. “

Back in Dublin, there’s going to be a protest at the Dail in solidarity with ongoing hunger strikes.  The Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign sez:

Thursday 12th June will mark the 50th day of the mass hunger strike of Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli jails, protesting against their ill treatment and their internment without trial or charge. Their conditions are deteriorating daily and around 80 hunger strikers have been hospitalised and are in great danger. The Israeli state is now trying to ram-through legislation that will allow force-feeding of the strikers, which the UN Special Rapporteur on torture has labelled a form of torture.

This is the longest mass hunger strike among prisoners in Palestinian history and the hunger strikers remain steadfast in their demand to end the policy of administrative detention, a policy of interment without charge or trial that can be extended indefinitely

From last month, Kev Squires reports what the Irish media ignores.

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