Footage From The Tuam Babies Vigil.

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Throngs gathered at the Department of Children and Youth Affairs before making their way to the Dáil.

Various childhood items were left on the railings in a mark of commemoration. Here’s a video capturing some of the crowd’s reaction.

Credit goes to Joseph Conroy and Eoghan Regan. Additional video by Kevin Meighan


  1. Hundreds showed up. Everyone demanded that An Gardai Siochana investigate these widespread and horrific crimes, identify the guilty parties and bring them to justice. All profits from the vaccine experiments to be seized and paid to the survivors. These were called homes but they were state and church sanctioned hells where so many innocent women and children suffered abuse, neglect, enslavement and death. They were smaller scale concentration camps where the bones were left to rot in septic tanks.

  2. Slavery is still alive in Ireland. Butlens Mosney, ring any bells. Price paid per head. These people are kept in holding bays. Waiting for their papers! 7 years one boy is still waiting to get out, it’s so cruel. What the fuck is wrong with us. The blind eye of Ireland.

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