Going Nuts In Brazil

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While Brazil were being helped by the referee to an opening night victory the country’s police made a statement in front of the world’s press cameras.

The video above captures the moments when an unarmed protestor was taken by multiple police who seemed to parade him in front of a line of photographers and TV press before pepper-spraying his eyes at point blank range. Shades of the NYPD’s Anthony Bologna and their infamous treatment of female protestors.

Reaction to anti World Cup protests has been heavy handed, stun grenades and rubber bullets have been used on protestors and press. Yesterday CNN staff were injured by police action.


  1. “It’s not the picture Brazil wants the world to see”??

  2. The hypocrisy of the BBC: “rubber bullets and tear gas” my god!! Where was the BBC’s concenious reporting when their own lot was firing rubber bullets at children in the North?

  3. Thugs ?? They are protesting cause the people are starving while the government spends billions on a game , idiot !

  4. Wow, these people are protesting because they have literally nothing and their government has responded by tearing up their lives to make room for the world cup. I don’t know how substantiated it is but there are reports of people being evicted by gunpoint from some areas. This is one of the most overlooked atrocities in the last few years. These are people on the edge. They are justifiably angry.

  5. If he was then apologies ,
    But to be fair these protesters don’t care if Brazil win or not so there will be a backlash either way as there has been for the last 2 years !

  6. Me too! It is a little confusing though… yes, its a down right disgrace what these people in power and FIFA are getting away with!

  7. Let there be games, just like in Roman times: exploit the masses and then mask all the injustices and pretend every thing is ok by inviting (inciting) a majority of people (hopefully) to celebrate these mega shows. Carnival in Rio is another such diversion.

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