Limerick Celebrates Its Counter-Culturalistas.

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Deviant at work. Taken from the event page.

Deviant at work. Taken from the event page.

Making the Cut looks at the legacy of counter-cultural youth and those that dared to break with conformity in Limerick City during the heady late sixties and early seventies.

It takes place as part of a whole raft of events under the EVA International 2014 banner, an art event dancing around the term ‘agitationism’ as a thematic pivot.  Making the Cut jumps back to look at how the global sixties counter culture rubbed off on Limerick.  It should be familiar ground to you dear reader, after all, Paul Tarpey covered elements of this in issue 7.

Some months ago he also outlined the thought process behind Making the Cut on his blog skiptraces.

Limerick holds no monuments commemorating the activities of the Janesboro Hippies or the local followers of Baha’i faith and there is little mention of the Irish Revolutionary Youth Movement of 1970 outside newspaper archives and isolated memories.  The street actions of the Magic Mushroom gang, who illegally refurbished derelict buildings in the city are remembered only by themselves.  The counter-cultural impact of the Little Ellen boutique is unremarked as is the significance of the Church halls where the mid Sixties  Beat bands manifested their teenage idealism.

Making the Cut investigates the understated historical significance held in a Limerick timeframe of 1968-73. The focus of this work for EVA International 2014 will take into account the un-represented traces of non-conformist cultural protest formed in the city.

1960’s music veterans from the city will be participating alongside young people from the Music Generation project and Limerick youth services. The resultant hook up will see a new sound composition unfurled by Deviant. And here’s the bit where us rabblers wet our pants, a once off print paper has been put together to celebrate the role of the alternative press in the era.

Check out the event page here.




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