Freedom March.

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Organisers of a five week long march highlighting the plight of asylum seekers across Europe, have called on activists to send in photographs of conditions in holding centres across the continent.

The march ended earlier last week but a final demonstration is due in Brussels tomorrow.  The photos above were sent in from a centre in Belguim.

As the The Freedom March Facebook page sez:

This is the real face of Europe, what you never see in the television. A refugee activist sent us these photos from his isolation camp in the middle of the brussels city. this is the biggest refugee camp in brussels which many humans live in a very unhuman and brutal situation. please spread these words and help us fighting against this european shit. we demand equal rights for every body.

Confused as to why marchers held a banner spray painted with “Stop Dublin”? Then you could do with reading this.

Wiley chaps that we are, the Dublin convention was put through when we held  the European Presidency. It determines where an asylum claim is to be dealt with. Usually, it’s seen as the point of entry into the EU.

Handy for an island nation eh?



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