Greens Get Kicking Over Eviction.

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Photo from Andrew Linns on Flickr. Click for full set.

Photo from Andrew Linns on Flickr. Click for full set.

squatted school set up to support refugees has been evicted in Berlin after a police lockdown.   Police moved in, under the auspices of demands from local authorities that the asylum seekers move into official accommodation.

Official accommodation like those pictured earlier today? The Gerhart-Hauptmann School in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district was squatted two years ago.

The German Greens are coming in for particular bashing around the eviction.  Their Kreuzberg mayor Monika Herrmann ordered police in to dismantle a refugee protest camp late last year. Her office  in Frankfurter Allee, was taken over by groups supportive of the school squat. They were met with 8 police vans to remove them.

It gets all the better, when you consider the “I have a dream, I’m a refugee” poster the Greens used in the recent European Elections in May.

See it, believe it.  One blogger accused of them  hi-jacking struggles on the ground while doing little to help:

“In Berlin, where the European Greens launched their electoral campaign, a recent refugee struggle has started since two and half years ago, with a refugee protest march from Southern Germany that culminated in occupying a public space in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Oranienplatz. In the beginning of april this year this camp, and the refugees, were  evicted with the complicity of the German Green Party, who is in power in Kreuzberg. Some refugees then went into hunger striker, which is still under way. The Green party does not show too much interest in the hunger strike, nor in the refugees demands.

Through their campaign, the Green party is appropriating refugees’ fight, without helping it politically to achieve its aim. And by using the slogan “I have a dream, I`m a refugee” the Greens take the glamorous surface of a political movement to use its radical chic to attract voters.”


Follow the timeline of events around the eviction here.




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