Little Girl Dyes Her Hair So Gardaí Don’t Take Her Again.

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Romanian Gypsy Girls (pic via Rachel Titiriga on Flickr)

Romanian Gypsy Girls (stock pic via Rachel Titiriga on Flickr)

The Children’s Ombudsman Emily Logan has published a report 9 months after two Roma children were taken by Garda after ethnic profiling.

The Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and the Taoiseach Enda Kenny both apologised today, which will stick in the craw of all the Fine Gael supporters who were cheering on what they hoped was a crackdown on Roma people.

While Fine Gael councillors and prospective TDs publish anti-Traveller literature and make racist statements before the elections it’s really not in any way credible to hear half-arsed apologies a year after the fact.

More via RTE here and a classic racist gombeen Fine Gaeler from rabble Issue 2 here


  1. see? a solution was easily found.


  2. It`ll take more than that to protect Roma from racial profiling. The apology comes a bit late too. It should have come (at the latest) after the children were proven to be Roma by DNA tests. Anyhow apology is one thing, change in practice to put a stop to racial profiling – that is what is really needed!

  3. Don’t want to be a pedant, but the caption on the image says “Romanian Gypsy Girls”. Should it read Roma?

  4. These people could not find their children’s passports or birthcerts and didn’t know what hospital they were born in. And the child dyed her hair? All by herself. Yeah!

  5. Considering the way most of these cowboys treat their own people, what hope have the Roma people with them??

  6. gardai siochana? feckin joke, they stopped protecting their own people years ago. mercenary agents of social control, no wonder the are hated by law abiding people and feared by the elderly

  7. I suppose it’s a small bit of progress that the children taken from their parents weren’t handed over to nuns….

  8. They do themselves no favours I’ve watched them going into shops and stealing no sympathy for them.

  9. Babies stealing having to know people to give out to them. Ah jeysus.

  10. Back in the day the gardai would of made a quick buck or maybe gotten some wine from the priest and that little girl would not of been around much longer to be able to dye her hair – She’d be dead, in a hole in the ground!

  11. They will all end up begging on the street any how

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