#rabbleComp: Win Tickets To Seven Quarters.

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 Long time slave horse to Dublin’s gigging hordes (and rabble office share buddy…) Barry Lennon got in touch to tell us about his new club night.

Lennon who also moonlights as the frontman for Hands Up Who Wants To Die and whips out community TV productions like Generator (the first episode of the new season is out now…) by day, was part of the duo behind the Richter Collective. Basically you can always expect quality.

He told us:

“I am very excited to announce the second club night in the series after the huge success of the first one last month with Katie Kim and Jennifer Evans; it’s also very exciting to work with both Patrick Kelleher and Magic Pockets on this next edition. I hope people take advantage of the limited early bird tickets we have on sale as it ensures you a copy of the vinyl and prevents disappointment.”

The name for the club, Seven Quarters, refers to a 7” inch vinyl and the fact that, much like rabble – it’s a quarterly showdown.

And as it’s vinyly Friday (chortle…) we have a stellar comp for you lucky readers. As per usual, all you have to do is take part in our reader survey and we’ll pull a name from a hat.

Give Seven Quarters an auld follow on the Facepuke.


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