Residents’ Relief.

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(photo © Paul Reynolds)

(photo © Paul Reynolds)

Croke Park only gets licence for 3 of 5 Garth Brooks concerts.

In what will be a relief for people who joined the mad speculation in Garth Brooks tickets and haven’t been able to flog ’em, planning has been granted for just 3 concerts in late July. Presumably the promoters will refund the fans and speculators who bought for the two now invalid dates. Aiken promotions had sold tickets in advance before licence was granted and now 160,000 tickets will need to be returned. It is common practice in Ireland to promote events before the licence is granted.

The GAA reached an agreement with local residents when the stadium was being extended that they would hold no more than three non-Gaelic sports events per year in the stadium . They’ve been giving the metaphorical fingers to those residents ever since. They planned 8 concerts this summer alone. An agreement seems to have been made to allow no more than 3 concerts in a row now. One Direction played 3 ‘concerts’ just last month.

The GAA, who rent the stadium to promoters, had proposed a ‘Garth Brooks legacy fund’ of €500,000 to go towards the local community as a kind of local property tax (without the Fine Gael chicanery).


  1. The Irish civil service has just come to a standstill at the news

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  3. Why can’t they cancel all 5 gigs: do the world a favour. Cancellation of gigs due to offensive music of poor quality perhaps 😕 B-)

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