Threat Of Flying Ravers Sees Party Shutdown.

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Nordie sessioners have had the plug pulled on an up-coming rave by their friends in the PSNI. Summer has been officially ruined according to some.

The police service doled out a harsh scolding to their social meeja followers. Ravers were intent on upholding the tradition of raving in dangerous places out of their minds. In this case, the location was near a quarry with unstable ground.

We love that old yarn of kids on drugs thinking it might be a “good idea to try and fly off the cliff edge into the quarry”.

The classics really are the best. Please send your reports of any flying ravers to

Follow the shenanigans on their facebook page.


  1. Thon copper doth protest too much. methinks.

  2. I love a good rave, but having it near a quarry is a ridiculous idea. As for jumping off the cliff while high, there’s always one….. Hope they find somewhere else

  3. I don’t know if I’d trust anyone who thought it was a good idea to organise a rave through social media around a gigantic hole in the ground.. Rookie mistake right there

  4. If you’re on drugs and think you can fly, take off from the ground.

  5. there used to be great raves in the quarry up outside Ballymore Eustace late September every year, don’t knock a quarry party

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