Orange Kulture.

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Photo from Bloomfield Estate in Bangor (via @irp1916)

Photo from Bloomfield Estate in Bangor (via @irp1916)

As the 12th of July approaches this year’s bonfires are being plastered with Anna Lo posters.

The Orange Order marching season (and accompanying bonfires) is never a time for love and understanding but this year’s novelty ‘Guy Fawkes’ figure is the northern MLA who received such abuse it prompted her family to ask her to leave her home of 40 years. She admitted she doesn’t feel safe and will leave politics in 2016 due to the Loyalists’ racist abuse.

Some of this week’s racist imagery from Northern Ireland can be viewed in the gallery above.


  1. Here’s another from lovely loyalist Carrickfergus

  2. Lovin the kulture bit. unionized racists at their best wha? Haha

  3. No pshop here… Unfortunately there are actually folks here who are that bigoted. Anna Lo is somehow seen as ‘worse’ for being moderate without the ‘justification’ of a nationalist background. …

  4. These abominations called bonfires are illegal re EU directives on burning waste yet British government let them burn Pallets and Toxic Tyres,the pictures are really irrelevant as it only sings to the Demons in the so called Loyalist heads.

  5. Paul, it’s possible that there is some photoshopping involved but this photo. But this is not the only ‘bonnie’ to have Anna Lo’s poster front and centre, this i have seen. Enda, Your profile picture reminds me of a better time when ‘slow’ people either joined the priesthood or had mediocre Irish country singing careers.

  6. They should be making more headlines should they? Why should they be given any attention at all? Bigots and other such meaningless people only receive attention when people give it to them, they mean nothing to me.

  7. It’s an interesting observation on your part, Ryan O’Neill about my profile picture. Yours puts me in mind of a filthy old-time communist who tries to control free speech and free thought, and who my kind have broken time and time again.

  8. What a waste of pallets. I loves pallets.

  9. Those blue pallets are also private property.

  10. Non of these pictures are actually of members the Orange Order. The Orange Order has no role in Loyalist bonfires albeit the Grand Master & also Rev Alistair Smyth have both called for people not to burn tyres & have both recently condemned the burning of flags, posters & effigies during their appearances on tv & radio.

  11. The Grand Master and Rev Smyth haven’t been notably successful in their efforts have they? And you did see the pictures of the Orange Order leading riots with their ceremonial swords last year right? I dont think they’re as pacifistic as you suggest.

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