American Child Severely Beaten By Israeli Soldiers.

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Tariq Khdeir

Tariq Khdeir

The 15 year old American cousin of Mohammed Abu Khdeir was taken by Israeli soldiers and severely beaten.

Tariq Khdeir survived, unlike his cousin who was tortured then burned alive by his captors.

The video above shows some of the beating plus an interview with his family given to the Telegraph.

The Telegraph reports

The boy, Tariq Abu Khdeir, is an American citizen, Tariq’s father said he witnessed his son’s arrest and on Saturday confirmed the video showed his son being beaten. The footage shows two people dressed in military uniforms punching and stamping on someone on the ground.

An Israeli police spokeswoman said the footage was heavily edited and altered and that it did not represent the events accurately.

Read more at the Telepgraph.

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