Garden’s Where D8 Is.

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Tony Nicoletti pictured at the garden.

Tony Nicoletti pictured at the garden.

Activists from the Tom Kelly Flats in Dublin’s Charlemount Street are dismayed over a suspected attack on a community garden.

The grounds the garden were established on had been ignored by Dublin City Council.  Speaking to the Dublin 8 Housing Action Committee page, Tony Nicoletti said:

“Myself and some family members together with other residents decided to start up the community garden as a project.The project quickly gained support and we moved to the concept of growing vegetables and potatoes for consumption.We did this and gave our produce to members of the community free of charge. We even engaged local children who expressed an avid interest.This was an enjoyable exercise for both us and them. This project moved rapidly from being a past time to almost being a way of life and it was all funded independently on a voluntary basis.”

It looked like the plot had been sprayed with poison or weed killer.

Check out the D8 Housing Action Committee page.



    1. Can they not work in conjunction with Dublin City Council and ask them if they can use the spot until the land is developed so that instances like this can be avoided? Take some heed from other people who are running stuff like this, for example Happenings and Block T…

  1. And this it’s why we can’t have nice things. Dirt bags have to ruin it for everyone.

  2. Seriously what is wrong with people!!

  3. Awful but looks to me like an accident. The garden doesn’t look it was being actively maintained. There are a few boxes but all around those boxes are very big weeds. I’d say, someone from DCC was spraying near it and didn’t realise it was actually a garden because it was in poor condition. I feel sorry for anyone who was actively working on it but it seriously looks like an accident to me.

  4. They are not weeds they are dead plants.
    This is disgusting

  5. How about a rally to build it back again, every Sunday from now until it’s done…. I’ll be home in Ireland July-August – I’d love to volunteer. Maybe create a FB page and generate a list of the plants that were decimated…and a list of Sundays/times where people can jump on a volunteer roster. We can each select what’s needed and arrive with whatever to plant in the ground. Don’t let the fuckers win.

  6. Its strewn with docs, nettles and debris. Doesn’t look like it was in active use or being maintained. Rather than vandalism it looks like someone was just spraying off weeds.. Also “suspected attack”? Why doesn’t somebody just ring the parks dept and ask them? I’m sure they’d be supportive of community gardens such as this.

  7. The residents did a huge amount of work bringing this garden back to life, evidenced with regular photos published of their progress – it was very public. It was definitly maintained and it’s so sad that it was destroyed. You could nearly feel their pride at the photos of their first spuds! I hope they get this project back up and running, a brilliant inner city initiative and well done to all involved.

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