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Dana's Retreat Available for €250

Dana’s Retreat Available for €250

via Independent.ie

via Independent.ie

With exceptionally bad timing Dana Rosemary Scallon’s brother’s court case for child abuse has landed her all the wrong headlines as she advertises her new holy getaway.

While the twee virgin Mary of Londonderry advertised her €250 weekend retreat of celebrity led rosaries and gala dinners, the court in Harrow was hearing evidence against her brother.

As the Independent reported:

“The mother of the first of the children who was allegedly assaulted contacted Dana Rosemary Scallon after her daughter confided in her, Ms Howell said.

Ms Scallon said she would find treatment for her brother, Ms Howell told the jury.  The singer then told the mother that Mr Brown had been cured after he had seen a priest and they agreed not to tell the child’s father.”

Check out Dana’s Retreat Facebook page too.  H/t to Soundmigration for the heads up).


  1. Is there anything to be said for saying another Mass??

  2. Its a non-story now because , apparently, he was “cured”! By a priest!
    The mind boggles at what took place at that particular “counseling session”!!

  3. Karen Mc Intyre road trip!!!!! If you get the tickets I can p(r)ay you back???

  4. Pretty nifty priest if he can “cure” a child abuser. I hope he’s djing at this event or i want my money back.

  5. I thought the first one went **very** well Lesley-Anne Liddane

  6. That would be an ecumenical matter Francy!

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