We Want Our Money Back.

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Luke Ming Flanagan addressing the EU Parliament.

Luke Ming Flanagan addressing the EU Parliament.

We knew he was going to be a pain in the arse for the EU Parliament, we were right. Here’s Luke Ming Flanagan giving Jean-Claude Juncker his thoughts on the election for President of the Commission and Ireland’s burden of 42% of Europe’s bank bailout.

As Ming lists broken promises, blatant lies and odious bank debts: MEPs pointedly leave the room, perhaps wishing not to be seen not to be seen supporting his comments.

Should be an interesting term in office. Here’s what he said:

“You said about Ireland – ‘I think there must be some degree of retroactivity in the mechanism otherwise it will lose most of its sense.’ Well it seems that was just a line for your whole ‘Spitzenkandidat‘ process to convince people to vote for EPP candidates because since the election we have now been told that we will not get our money back.

So three candidates from Ireland, three MEPs from Fine Gael, have dishonestly got elected and will vote for you as Commissioner on the basis of lies that were told. So the question I have is this – why is the EU through the ECB continuing to demand its pound of flesh from Ireland on the odious promissory notes, the €31bn granted to bail out the two zombie banks and by extension several major banks across Europe and by further extension the Euro itself? Hasn’t Ireland sacrificed enough and suffered enough already?

We were meant to be a community. A community does not starve its people to feed the banks. What are you going to do about it Oh Great Leader of the Future?

Thank you.”

Mr. Juncker is no coward when it comes to lying, spying, drinking and shady dealings if reports are anything to go by. At the height of the Eurozone crisis, he was even dubbed the “master of lies.”

Read more about his deceptions at The Telegraph.




  1. Good man Ming – wheres OUR money – shower of goons here and in Brussels

  2. This is why I like this dude Liam McKeon Liz Nolan

  3. honestly, I’m not a fan of his but that was some speech. Didn’t surprise me to see smug faces leaving the arena which was disgusting. If someone is taking the time to address the assembly and you are there, have the decency to sit down and listen.

  4. That Bitch in front of him Smirking and packing up to leave is the a member of the Puppet-left Spanish Green party

    She has been Done for corruption in the past , the very fact that she is laughing at another nations plight shows how little compassion play’s a roll in modern European Economics, And absolutely fair play to Ming for Leaving that tool Junker speechless !!


  5. I truly question the power these people really have in the EU, is this just a show to make us feel like it exists?

  6. Well done Ming. Hope you got your answer, most probably it came in the form of sniggers at the Bend over Republic.

  7. oh luke why couldn’t you be from Waterford, we wouldn’t be Irelands forgotten city anymore if you were. I applaud you

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